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SPECIES: Ijifian
FOUND: Beoldred
DIET: Omnivore

Ijifians are large reptilian-like creatures with unique pockets of fur to help them survive the cold temperatures of Beoldred. While exhibiting mixed features of mammalian, such as being endothermic and having fur, they also show traits of a reptile, such as having a body mainly covered in hard scales. These creatures were first discovered during the establishment of the colony Lars' Hearth, where dozens were spotted grazing open fields. While the colonist typically have no problem with Ijifians, there are scattered reports of this massive creatures tearing colonists apart. They stand at 14 feet tall on their hind legs, but are typically found resting on the knuckles of their arms, at about 9 feet tall. They have large, strong arms and leg muscles. Their mouths sport rows of flat teeth with 8-12 extremely sharp canine teeth for tearing at meet. Much of the Ijifian is unknown, and only formal study will allow us to learn more about them. They typically travel in small bands of two to three, sometimes accompanied by smaller infants. While they are not territorial, the possession of certain fruits or meats seem to attract the aggressive attention of the Ijifians. They may also be angered by certain actions, such as getting too close to them or their kin. 


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