Placid Leviathans

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Placid Leviathans

Post by Scout on Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:14 am

Home System: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Location: Scattered across the galaxy
Physical Description: Large, bulbous creatures with a total of six long, tentacular limbs extruding from the sides of their mouths. They possess massive 'gills' across the side and back of their bodies, just behind the mouth. Harmful gasses are regularly seen being pumped out of these 'gills'. When open, their mouths possess a huge, bioluminescent blue 'tongue' with many long limbs attatched to it. It is theorized that these gather the 'useful' chemicals for the creature to use to sustain itself.
Typical Traits: Venerable, Extremely Armored, Very Large
Typical Faults: Very Slow, No Natural Weaponry
Typical Lifespan: Unknown, theorized billions of years
Years Space-faring: Unknown, theorized eons

Brief History: Not much is known of the Placid Leviathans. They are never seen in number, always alone. They simply 'graze' on the gasses of gas giants, filtering the gasses through their huge mouths. Their huge bodies are covered in extremely thick, armored scales. The creatures are noted to be oblivious to ships nearing them, and even firing upon them, as if the armor is thick enough to prevent feeling from most weaponry. There are a few recorded occasions of a leviathan noticing a Tier 1 vessel, and mistaking it for a mate. It would attempt to mount the vessel, of similar size to it, usually ending in the ship being crushed under it, or at the very least severely damaged from the encounter.

Placid Leviathan feasting on a Gas Giant

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