Pfc. Serus Navalin

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Pfc. Serus Navalin

Post by Draymour on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:48 pm

Select Personnel File.

> Serus Navalin :: Serus Navalin Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Serus Navalin
Unit Aliases: Private First Class, Navalin
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Turian, Palaven
Unit Ranking: Private First Class

Physical Appearance:
Age:25/Height:6'5/Red Markings/A Small scar on the lower part of the right eye/Modified Turian Armor.

Unit Vocals:TBD


Marine General Information.

Unit training:Basic Training and Engineering  
Unit Assignment: SSV Antioch, 108th Combined Arms Unit
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post:29th LEgion
Unit MOS:Combat Engineer
Unit Graduating Class:Class of 200-345, Fort Palvor


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Turian Hiearchy
Listed Liked Factions:Humanity and Krogan [INPUT]
Listed Disliked Factions: Bataria, Slarian, Vorcha [INPUT]
Listed Neutral Factions: Quarian and Geth [INPUT]
Hostile Factions:The Gatol The Attican Protectorate [INPUT]

Unit Personnel Relationships.



Shizune Khada:
My Engineer battle buddy, hard worker, glad she knows what shes doing. Shes experienced I can tell you that, like this was her specialty. I am glad I have her with me.
Rob Aragon:AT=Big Ass explosions on enemy vehicles, he kicked some serious ass and never missed a shot from that rocket launcher. Good thing i'm not an enemy tanker, otherwise i'm gone when i'm in his sights.

Arnold Thatcher: I.. Have no words, but hes kinda here and there. Though i can see others are friends with him but hey, hes neutral to me so i cant complain.

Pom Sujin: Anti-Social Marksman but actually shes a damn good shot.. Though is saw her crying earlier, Its hard to see where a pure good soul is down on their knees and broken. I hope she will be ok, honestly i really do.

THE REST OF THE 108th Not mentioned here.


Dontae Greene:Man, I got the chance to see my commander kick some serious ass, he knows his men and he respects them, this is the kind of commander I will forever be loyal to.
Jay Pierce:Tough as balls, he took a bad hit during the defense, but he managed to come back up when the corpsmen finished treating him. I can respect him for that and proves my point that Humans are tough.
Loren Navalin:My grandmother, I am really close to her. She was the commander of the 37th Raptor Legion, She fought hard during the reaper war and kept pushing through years upon years. Shes the only one I actually have for family.


My Parents:I hate them.. I dreadfully hate them. They tried and tried to force me into politics, but fuck that boring bullshit, I'm a soldier, like my ancestors before me and I will keep their traditions going and wont be some Politician.


Unit History.

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Re: Pfc. Serus Navalin

Post by Draymour on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:50 pm

Dontae Greene
Jay Pierce
Rob Aragon
Shizune Khada
Arnold Thatcher
Pom Sujin

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