Pfc Arnold Thatcher

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Pfc Arnold Thatcher

Post by Sly Coopr on Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:45 pm

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Arnold Victor Thatcher
Unit Aliases: Thatcher
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Private First Class

Physical Appearance: 5'10/Caucasian/Clean Shave/Fit Build/Jet Black Hair/Blue Eyes/Tattoos Across Torso and Right Arm/Smug Look/Sometimes Seen in Glasses.

Unit Vocals:


Marine General Information.

Unit training:  Basic, Calvary Scout Training
Unit Assignment: SSV Antioch, 108th Combined Arms Unit
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post:
Unit MOS: Calvary Scout
Unit Graduating Class: Class 51-83, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry, Bravo Company


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: Krogans
Listed Disliked Factions: Batarians, Gatol
Listed Neutral Factions: Unlisted
Hostile Factions: Gatol

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Edward Hackett - Hackett is the only guy I could get along with during the last two years.

Shizune Khada - A bit weird, but she's fun to chat with every now and then. I'd prefer if she stopped asking about my Uncle Iona, though, he's too old for her.

Jay Pierce - Ratman doesn't rub me the wrong way, but he doesn't rub me the right way either.

Hans Kunstler - He's different compared to the rest of the unit. I would like to chat with him one-on-one one day.

Pom Sujin - I think she's comparing me to my grandfather, first time she heard my name she talked about how I had to fill his shoes. I also think she has a thing for Sandman, but I'm probably wrong. Other than that, I really don't have any issues with her.

Eric Sanderson - I like Sandman, but I think he's got some sort of boner to show off. He walked up to an armed MEC that we couldn't confirm was friendly and the MEC even pulled the trigger on him. He's only unharmed due to sheer dumb luck.


Dontae Greene - Never thought I'd meet a Greene. I'm the grandson of Flynt meeting Adande's grandson. It's weird in a sense, but I know it changes nothing here.




Unit History.
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