The Turian Situation: 2190-2285

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The Turian Situation: 2190-2285

Post by Kravis on Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:17 pm

The Turian Situation

The Aftermath of the Inusannon war and the start of the Second Unification War:

After the Inusannon were defeated by the 2nd MSRC and the combined force of the Citadel forces. The Inusannon faded into history, With few numbers to sustain themselves. Most, if not all Inusannon disappeared from the galaxy.

(Taetrus Coalition Emblem)

In 2269. Taetrus became the spotlight of attention once again since Facinus, a turian separatist group, attacked back in 2185. A event known as the Day of Cross was born after the actions of a Turian Soldier left Primarch Victus II dead on the stage of a political rally for colony unification. The death caused outrage at a supposed military coup inside the Hierarchy, what followed was all out warfare on Taetrus between the Hierarchy and the newly formed Taetrus Coalition which lead to the Hierarchy’s retreat from Taetrus back to Palavan. This event caused the Hierarchy’s support to drop, causing a massive secession in the outer colonies to join the Coalition. This marked the beginning of the Second Unification War.

(Patriarch Jocantius Fygon)

However, unlike the events of the first war. The Second War left the Hierarchy defeated and the outer colonies permanently lost from the Hierarchy’s control. A ceasefire was signed on 2281 due to the high-mortality rate in skirmishes going on in Turian space. The Hierarchy and the Coalition pulled their forces back to grow and secure their borders. So far. The Coalition’s leader, Patriarch Jocantius Fygon, has no interest in working with current Primarch Rayol Corinthus.

Famous events of the Second Unification War:

The Battle of Aephus, 2274 - Years following the split of the Hierarchy. The Taetrus Coalition launched a surprise attack by leading a resistance-led ground assault on a Hierarchy installation on Aephus which prompted a Hierarchy Naval force to be dispatched from Palavan. However, which the force arrived to Aephus, they fell straight into the Coalition’s trap. Using FTL propelled ships from Aephus, the Coalition sent these ships into the flagships of the fleet, causing near instant destruction. This was followed up with a small fleet jumping to Aephus to wipe out those who wouldn’t retreat. This was the first major attack of the Coalition and its first major victory. The Hierarchy regards this attack as barbaric by military standards.

The Siege of Pheiros, 2276 - It was during this time that the Coalition mounted a 2nd major attack since succeeding and failing in dozens of other attacks. They wanted to control Pheiros’ military station to cut off the major source of fuel for the Hierarchy and cause a damaging blow to their economic and military resources. However, It was by the actions of General Augustus Vakarian that led to the successful defense of Pheiros and her soldiers. General Vakarian directed his men to use the station’s own fuel reserves to send a fire-ship into the heart of the Coalition’s fleet and detonate the ship to wipe out half of the attacking force. This led to the Coalition’s retreat and victory on Pheiros. General Vakarian is regarded as a hero for his actions for saving his men.

Battle at the Sea of Blood (Battle of Triginta Petra), 2283 - The citizens of Triginta Petra have always had a tough life since its colonization. Nearly dying off due to the Reaper’s actions of nuking their main source of food. The citizens of Petra survived and managed to flourish following the years of peace after the war. It’s regarded as a fresh take on Turian culture due to the changes in way of life on the desert world. However, it did not spare the locals from the battle that transpired in 2283. A major battle ensued between a fleet of both Hierarchy and Coalition troops. The battle left both sides in defeat as both of the fleets crashed on Petra. Those who survived took the fight to the enemy, causing a long and bloody skirmish on the backwater world. By the end of the conflict, only so few remained. The blood spilt on that day earned the title “Sea of Blood” in the history books due to the purple blood-caked sand. It was considered a ‘victory’ for the Coalition.

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