[ARCHIVED] The Hundred Year Anniversary of the First Contact War

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[ARCHIVED] The Hundred Year Anniversary of the First Contact War

Post by Peppuh on Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:31 pm

November 11th, 2257
(Archived on June 6th, 2267)

Today marks the hundred year anniversary of the First Contact War and humanity's entrance to the galactic order. The conflict opened up when the Turians opened fire on human explorers trying to reactivate a derelict mass relay. This violated Citadel regulations but humanity had no way of knowing this. Fast forward to the Siege of Shanxi and we see the desperate defense and fall of Shanxi. General Williams, cut off from reinforcements and supplies, was force to capitulate to aliveate the suffering of Shanxi's civilians and garrison. The reinforcements would eventually arrive and have to storm Shanxi. Among the marines to storm Shanxi that is still with us today is Travis Kelce. We were able to catch up with Travis Kelce as he paid tribute to those lost at a memorial in Houston. "If you're looking to get a "I hate Turians" out of me, you're barking up the wrong tree. I lost friends and I'm sure that Turians lost friends too. Instead of remembering how we fought, we should focus on what we lost. I'll never see Moe Bandy or Andre Greene again but that was a hundred years ago. You have to move on." Travis Kelce proceded to lay a bouquet of Red Poppy, a symbol of peace and remembering the dead, at the base of the memorial. He promptly left without saying a word. Various memorial services and celebrations were held across Earth and her colonies, some more extreme than others.

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