Pfc Pom Sujin

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Pfc Pom Sujin

Post by mia_the_human on Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:17 am

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Unit Identification Information

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Pom Sujin
Unit Gender: Female
Unit Species: Human, Earthborn
Unit Ranking: Private

Physical Appearance: A 5’3 Korean woman weighing only around 130 pounds. Her muscles are lean and seem to hide, but they must be there. She has short black hair, about chin length, and bangs that fall over her forehead. She has a boyish figure-- a small chest and absence of a butt, however there is still a maternal curve at her hip-- and she has delicate, apparent bones, especially around her neck and hips. Her skin is very fair with a cool undertone, and it is young. Her face would normally blend in if it were not for the intense pigment of her lips. The lips themselves are not too off-average; they are plump, but they thin as they reach their edges. However, they naturally stay quite red and bright. The rest of her face blends in, with wide-set and minimalistic eyes, with brows that fall parallel to that, with a thin flat nose, and with the most delicate of jaws.

Unit Vocals: A high-pitched and soft feminine voice with a Korean accent.


Marine General Information

Unit training: Basic Training, Marksman AIT
Unit Assignment: Fort Gladys
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post:N/A
Unit MOS: Marksman

Unit Faction Relationships

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: All not listed
Listed Disliked Factions: None
Listed Neutral Factions: Asari
Hostile Factions: Anything hostile in return

Unit Personnel Relationships


GyC Lysinna T'Kelce and I get along very well. I think I like her the most.

Pvt Eric Sanderson seems just the same as he was in basic, however maybe a bit more distant. I am not surprised, since it's been two years. I'm also grateful. I need to focus, he needs to focus. I can't have any close friends.

LtCmd Dontae Greene believes in this crew deeply, I can tell. I think I'm his favorite right now, out of the privates. I suppose I'm doing something right.

Pvt Rob Aragon made it into the unit, and I'm so thankful. I feel distant from a lot of these people, and he was one of the few I felt comfortable around during basic.

Pvt Hans Kunstler is a very positive man. I failed to realize previously that, once we are all broken from what we end up seeing, he may break much harder. I intend to be there for him. I think constant positivity is foolish, but he deserves protection.

Pvt Shizune Khada made it into Greene's unit with me, so I need to drop this "I don't wanna get close to her" thing. These people are gonna be my next family.

Pfc Serus Navalin and I haven't spoken enough for me to say anything besides he seems insecure.

Pfc Arnold Thatcher gives me a weird feeling.

Pvt Edward Hackett made it into Greene's unit with me. Hopefully he has the same attitude towards me that I plan to have towards him.


OpC Marcus Iverson is the only thing I'm okay with seeing again after basic officially ends.

GyC Thomas Highway hopefully gets a promotion after this basic. He was amazing.



Unit History

Pom Sujin was born in Seoul, Korea, in the month of August, 2264 to her mother Hyesu Sujin and Geon Sujin. She was the youngest child in that household, with four brothers that came before her. In a traditional Korean family, all male children are raised with discipline and respect, while the females are almost neglected because they will most likely learn what they would have from their parents from their husband. Pom, however, didn’t understand where these customs came from, and didn’t buy that it came from Confucius. So, she watched her brothers as she grew, and learned from them the basics of being a human. Since she was quite shy, it took a long time for her parents to notice that she’d been picking up from her siblings. Her mother found this repulsive and considered her child some type of abomination since she didn’t fall in line. Luckily, Pom was able to escape from apparent incoming abuse from her mother by using the terrain to escape. She’d navigate fire escapes, scaffolding, any alcoves in buildings to climb away from her mother. This, she learned from her brothers. One bad night, her mother was able to follow her a long distance, so she kept climbing and running. The escape turned into a journey, and she found herself in another country, enlisting.

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Re: Pfc Pom Sujin

Post by mia_the_human on Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:44 pm

Updated Dontae Greene, Eric Sanderson, Rob Aragon, and Hans Kunstler. Added Lysinna T'Kelce, Serus Navalin, and Arnold Thatcher. Added faction relations. Fixed formatting errors.


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