T-45 Series Power Armor

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T-45 Series Power Armor

Post by Lapis on Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:15 pm

West-Tek T-45 Series Power Armor

Developed before the Great War, the T-45 set was one of the first suits of power armor deployed widely by the United States Army, and as such, it remains relatively common more than 200 years later.

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Manufactured in 2066, the T-45 suit of Power Armor was developed by defense contractor West-Tek for the United States Army. It was the first suit of powered armor to be successfully deployed in combat. In 2067, the first shipment of T-45 power armor was finished and shipped to Anchorage. Powered by two oversized fusion cells bolted into the back of the suit, it generated an immense amount of heat, and thus made it difficult to wear for long periods of time. While the T-45 armor is similar in its overall shape to the newer T-51 armor, it is significantly less advanced than its later counterpart, and uses riveted steel plates instead of plastic composite materials in its construction. Various electronic and mechanical subsystems of the armor are exposed on the outside of its casing, rather than sealed within, due to technological constraints at the time of construction.

In 2067, the first group of T-45 power armor suits were deployed in Alaska during the start of the Anchorage Reclamation in the midst of the Sino-American War. This power armor was incredibly effective against Chinese tanks and infantry. Its ability to allow a single infantryman to carry heavy ordnance that otherwise required a team of soldiers to transport and operate became key in various localized conflicts on the Alaskan front, and it allowed American soldiers wearing the armor to destroy entire towns occupied by Chinese troops without endangering themselves.

In 2076, the more advanced T-51 powered armor suit was introduced into combat duty. T45 suits were retired to auxiliary units, National Guard depots, and riot police units in American cities.

Use Today
After the Great War, this model of power armor is still being used by factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel and the New California Republic. Initiates and Knights in the Brotherhood of Steel wear T-45 suits, whilst higher ranking members wear the newer, more versatile T-51 suits. The NCR uses stripped down T-45 suits as heavy armor for their troopers. Many scavengers, wasters, raiders, and even Caesar's Legion members use pieces of the T-45 armor as trophies, or outer casing for piecemeal scrap armor.

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