FltLt Diogo Stolarz (Old)

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FltLt Diogo Stolarz (Old)

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Selected Personnel File.

>Viewing Log :: Stolarz, Diogo.
Loading Personnel File.

Basic Information

Unit Name: Diogo Stolarz
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Flight Lieutenant

Physical Appearance

Unit Identification Image

Race: Asian
HeightFive Foot, Six Inch
Age: 32
Hair type: [Black] Low Casual, Facial Clean-Shave
Eye Color: Dark Brown
40% Disablement
& Prosthesis
Far Acuity
Allergies: None

Marine General Information

Unit training:  Basic Training, NCO Training, Officer School, Aviation Academy
[Topics: Avionic Electrical, Sim, Maintenance incl. Crew, Safety, Telecom, System Ops, Adv. Software]
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: SSV Caspian, SSV Tai Shan
Unit Role: Crew Helmsman

Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Alliance Navy
Listed Disliked Factions: Reaper, Blue Suns, Talons, Pallidium, Turian Hierarchy, Innusannon

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Adande Greene: There has not been a single void or escape in which fullfilled an even possibility of ever disliking his actions. Greene with responsibility, executes all contributions towards the Crew and Order of the Alliance. I am glad to know of the fact in which all bad withdraws of an event created in his action could not be too hardly questioned by any means. I have never had any concerns or worry in cause of any mistakes unless it was on terms of my own failure. This man always seems to stand at my side during harsh times even when it is not completely necessary. 
<Update>: This man is just about unbreakable, yet I still know he's mortal.

Victoria Greene: In the beginning, I wasn't sure how to feel towards the lover of the Commander, however; I have grown to a realization that not only does she preform utmost hardship towards extreme combat, but respects all morals and individuals outside. I can never thank enough for the hospitality this person has presented, and also thank them for every step they endure further into the legacy that binds all of us together.

<Update> : She's made some confusing decisions in the past, perhaps there's other lifestyle

June Faulkner: I am proud to have her aboard amongst the crew, This person not only relieves me of some of my actions, but also emotions. I've yet to meet someone with the same system and principals of moral judgement and somehow stumbled upon the right being. This incredible person makes no issue in coming to an overwhelming team agreement and formal consensus.

Callistius Zervaria: Presenting highly talented medical abilities, this turian expresses all of them even without the needs of technological advanced equipment. I have asked on a couple of occasions the requirements of lab equipment, and no answer was received in respect that the lab had already contained enough.
- I would be eager seeing Zervaria with family, but that possibility and emotion has come to end.

Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople: Very satisfying and commendable, Cana'Xeema pushes forth to full succession of overseeing the crews happiness whilst being a contribution to advanced technologies.

Flynt C. Thatcher: Especially during the tough moments, this is one Crew member I know of besides others that brings spirit and uplift amongst the uniforms around us. Thatcher always seems to be talkative during quite and rough times. As a necessity to fulfill our succession, this man contributes his behavior.
<Update>: I question the idea presented in the act of dividing himself from the brothers and sisters of the crew even for short period.

<Update: I will truly miss this mans enthusiasm

Rachel Elizabeth: Every encounter, Elizabeth with strong emotions resembles absolute honor embedded within them, and even shares this.
- I'd like to note this person as a motivational teacher of this honor that marks itself in history.

Martin Banner: I like to image Banner as an important Beam of the Constantinople's structure. Without this man, the solitary structure of the Constantinople would have excessively more dip without question. There is not much that can push force against his formal self, and not much that can hold him back either.

<Update>: Part of me has missed looking up to him.

Uriel Vertanos: Through extreme conditions of the battlefield, It is clear that Uriel has never set down his emotions to rest in result, instead using it for the full understanding and willingness to exceed the crews well-being both mentally and physically in utmost satisfaction through the most extreme.

<Update>: Although retirement has settled his life, I still owe this man part of my life and service as long as he goes on.

Genos Primus: Has never hesitated to step up to the plate of action, this turian seeks challenging to win. Struggling during absolute decision is not an emotion this man undergoes, instead easily swallowing difficulty.

Raik Arglack: I fully respect this krogans courage to service amongst us with a built leader in him. Arglack manages to catch anyone off-guard as well as ensuring prior behavior, and stability within the ranks. On the field not only does this battle master charge in without flinching, he ensures everything goes right.
<Update> : I consider this krogan one of my closest

Seclio Dartamus: It is clear that this turian's behavior and meaning isn't darting, however; they still allow all the room for emotional stability.. as well as pertaining applicable formality on the field under heavy-stress conditions.

Anna Beramendi: A true fighter, and willing to stand up against anyone's doubting opinion for the crew with nothing but pure effort

NeutralAll Personnel Unlisted


Travis Kelce: Although I appreciate the work inside of his room, careless actions have redacted that fact, Kelce as my perspective hardly contributes with respect towards other members of the SSV Constantinople, and various others off the ship. Not only does Kelce have a bad view of other race, but also mechanical entity.
- I do wish I had gotten to experience further of Kelce's behavior besides aggression.

<Update>: Still do.   

Francis Martinez: During the events of hearing the audio logs he had created, I had do not mind personal aggression. These logs however in my opinion seemed have aggression on a level that I would not anticipate in which expressed hate amongst former superiors wishing their lives at end upon other subjects. When argued against from the logs, Martinez's only act of response was even more act of both hate and questioning failing to resolve and instead, submerge the matter even further.

Unit History:

Born in the year 2158, Diogo lived his early age in a rural region under Western United North America, Diogo grew up living a scavenger and survivor of the sector he lived in. Although the walls were completely fortified; deadly outcome and disease had breached within the confines of his town in numerous circumstances, but in very rare conditions the diseases introduced had become non-severe. Diogo was mainly influenced by his father although he never really saw him, foreign talents from public shows, and watching X3M skycars pass overheard the sector he lived. Skycars passed overheard after breakouts, of either result of travelers or medical evacuation. At the age of 13, Diogo's father had collapsed under heavy pressure of an industrial complex during the year 2170 of the Yandoa disaster.

In direct result of the incident, His Mother supported him Through the continuation of basic needs such as food, water, and shelter by working with shoes, in support of clothing lines and various odd jobs suspecting that her husbands return was never to happen. In addition to helping these needs, Diogo supported through various inside theft from offers, favors, and jobs that had come across him, eventually later on working labor for water filtration & export. After a long while of continuing this, he began to dislike the fact of these conditions and sought to change. Through local connections, Diogo finds a recruiter and joins the Alliance at the age of 17 during the year 2175, five years after the death of his father. Joining in, Diogo hardly struggles to surpass athletic performance tests, and kept building himself both physically and mentally. He knew over the course of time exactly what he wished to achieve, and eventually took transportation to an Alliance Flight Academy.

After reaching the Alliance Academy of Aviation, he was absolutely overwhelmed having view of everything from the A-61 Mantis Gunship to surveyors and even large cruisers. Diogo during study received a letter directed from his town governor stating than the sector he lived in had been completely breached by local disease, and order to disperse was in effect, this carried him to strive to nothing more than absolute knowledge provided from his course. After graduating along with few friends, Diogo received perfect attendance. Immediately after the academy, Diogo started off with carrier ships, then progressively excelled to larger class vessels for both qualification and asking for re-assignment.

Staring off with the larger class ships, The SSV Caspian Alamo class, a frigate ship held mass amount of marine personnel for transport in which he had been operating for two years. During one transport operation, one out of four rapid mass accelerators erupted due to pirate invasion. Diogo was able to stabilize the ships maneuver, then coordinated a deceiving plot to loop around attack, using speed to advantage, he then finished off the attack using torpedo strikes, with assistance of infrared turrets. Diogo is recommended to advanced-type class from the ships officer along with other on-board personnel. During the year 2184, Diogo Stolarz is re-assigned to the SSV Constantinople, stealth-class frigate.

Diogo continued a strong sense of devotion towards the crew, keeping up with personal crew activity whilst keeping on track with operations held out in secret of the Alliance stealth frigate. The SSV Constantinople during one large attack suffered heavily on ship resources, and was forced to spiral onto a scarce habitable planet, that held deadly fungi disease. Within weeks, a bunker was unveiled containing both fungi infection which was masked by Alliance Uniform, and enough resource to safely repair the ship and fuel its resource. More weeks had taken place over the plentiful time repairing the ship, but soon it was lifted off the face of the scarce planet.

Incidents had occurred regularly when traveling large distances in the ship, except for one in which was extremely devastating. The ship had come into contact with a massive collector ship. Within moments, the SSV Constantinople was overwhelmed with enemy forces intruding, which resulted in the loss of several crew members that had driven to fight off the invasion. Without known reason, many long minutes passed before the Collector ship rendered itself inactive, all electrical input of the ship had immediately ceased, which was realized after the fact of all invaders on the Constantinople falling to the floor. To conclude the ultimate win, Diogo fired the SSV Constantinople's thanix cannons, targeting vital components of the collector ship, and eventually triggering an explosive chain after the second round. This was considered a truly achieving victory, rewarded Stolarz with the Medal of Valor given by his superior officer by having destroyed the first collector ship with a small-class frigate.

The Lieutenant Commander of the SSV Constantinople had received fatal injury towards certain death due to an unknown arrival causing harm in which forced all crew into re-assignment. This action depressed Stolarz, however allowed him a temporary path. Diogo decided to choose the SSV Tai Shan Dreadnought class under the 2nd Fleet out of the various opportunities he was given. The Dreadnought assisted in efforts with the 22nd Marines helping engage the Palladium Pact collation. With the assignment, aggressive action was taken towards him while patrolling the ship.. adding severe stab injuries from a local crew member aboard. Afterwards, an order to engagement had commenced; In this engagement Stolarz had achieved the destruction of thirty hostile ships of the Pact whom mostly composed of stolen Alliance material. Because of this achievement, it had granted the 22nd Marines to successfully breach and eliminate the pirate Coalition.

Before the temporary retirement being one year of his Lieutenant Commander and Spectre, Stolarz had considered the fact of staying with the Constantinople, now a ship that was part of himself and history. Stolarz had also received an incident in 40% disablement prior, resulting from an explosion of an enemy occurring force. In the result of this incident, Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene severed his legs with an omniblade, allowing him clearance of the cockpit's debri. Lead Corpsman Uriel Vertanos aided in the life-saving tragic. One year later, a private letter was directed informing Greene's return.

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