Systems Alliance York-class Cruiser

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Systems Alliance York-class Cruiser

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York-class Cruiser

The Earth Systems Alliance's primary Cruiser-class vessel is the York-class, being named after the city of the same name on Earth. It's Ship of the Line is the 'SSV York'.

'SSV York', 'SSV Liverpool', 'SSV Manchester', 'SSV Southampton', 'SSV London', and 'SSV Birmingham' on patrol with their SX3 Trident compliments

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Armament
  • Notable vessels


The York-class Cruiser was a major improvement over the Berlin-class, first constructed in March of 2184. It entered the Navy as the new primary cruiser of the Systems Alliance in December of 2184. It has gone on to be upgraded many times to keep it up to par with the rest of the Galaxy's cruisers. The ship is sturdy, with a standard rating for its kinetic barriers.


York-classes have a large array of weapons at their disposal, including two large mass accelerators at the bow, one Javelin torpedo launcher mounted between them, sixteen rapid fire mass accelerators placed across the ship, a vast network of GARDIAN defense lasers, and an impressive array of eight broadside mass accelerators on each flank of the ship. Testing is reportedly underway with Thanix cannons replacing the front mass accelerators. The York-class Cruisers also carry a huge crew, of 250 crewmen and 75 marines, during wartime carrying 90 marines, along with 2 M-44 Hammerheads, two M-35 Makos, and six UT-47A Kodiaks. They also each carry two wings of 18 SX3 Trident Interceptors, and a wing of 9 Bumblebee Heavy Bombers.

Notable vessels

  • 'SSV York', Ship of the Line, serving in 5th Fleet.
  • 'SSV London', landed final hit on 'Sovereign', serving in 5th Fleet.
  • 'SSV Birmingham', , serving in 5th Fleet.

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