Systems Alliance Alamo-class Destroyer

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Systems Alliance Alamo-class Destroyer

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Alamo-class Destroyer

The Earth Systems Alliance's primary Destroyer-class vessel is the Alamo-class, being named after the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 on Earth, in what is now San Antonio, Texas. It's Ship of the Line is the 'SSV Alamo'.

'SSV Alamo' on its maiden voyage

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Armament
  • Notable vessels


The Alamo-class Destroyer 'SSV Alamo' was constructed in 2176, intended to replace the aging Concord-class Destroyer. The 232 meter long Alamo-class quickly replaced the older and less maneuverable design, and established itself as an excellent choice for 'wolf-pack' attack flotillas. Alamo-classes are often seen escorting larger ships, cleaning up pirate activity, or anti-capital ship roles in fleet combat. They are outfitted with GARDIAN laser defense turrets to provide anti-fighter screening for capital ships and a Javelin torpedo launcher to take down opposing kinetic barriers. In fleet combat, Alamo-classes are organized into groups of four to six ships. They use their superior speed and maneuverability to evade and maneuver into the opposing fleet to take down ships whose kinetic barriers have been destroyed, or to soak up fire from capital or support vessels.


Alamo-class Destroyers are outfitted with an impressive array of modern weaponry designed to inflict heavy damage as fast as possible. A forward Javelin torpedo launcher at the bow of the ship is used to knock down enemy kinetic barriers and inflict damage at the on set of battle. 8 infrared GARDIAN laser defense turrets mounted on the starboard and port sides of the vessel offer pinpoint anti-fighter and anti-projectile capabilities. Mounted on the far starboard and port sides are two twin, rapid-fire Mass Accelerator cannons, designed to lay down a continuous stream of fire from an unorthodox position. To top it all off, the ship is also equipped with a large, spinal-mounted Mass Accelerator down the center of the ship, firing just above the Javelin torpedo launcher. Alamo-class vessels are crewed by a relatively small crew of 60, with a typical compliment of 20 marines. They also come equipped with an M-44 Hammerhead, two UT-47A Kodiaks, and one M-35 Mako for their marine compliment.

Notable vessels

  • 'SSV Alamo', Ship of the Line, serving in 5th Fleet.
  • 'SSV San Jacinto', destroyed Batarian dreadnought-class vessel single-handedly, serving in 7th Fleet.
  • 'SSV Goliad', under command of Hannah Shepard, mother to the Hero of the Citadel, serving in 5th Fleet.

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