Hostiles Forces Library: Collector Vessels

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Hostiles Forces Library: Collector Vessels

Post by Lapis on Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:55 pm

Please input Intelligence clearance codes.



Success. Welcome, Constantinople Crew.

This document is classified.

The following information lists all known Collector space & air vessels circa 2186.



Collector Ark

Collector Arks are super-massive vessels, dwarfing even the largest of known dreadnoughts. Arks house millions, perhaps billions of Collectors, and pods to store their captives. The Arks are equipped with particle-beam weaponry capable of nullifying shields, chewing through armor, and burning crew alive. All Collector ships follow the same general shape, design, and surface composition, and appear to hold similar weaponry.


Collector Frigate

Collector Frigates fill the role of cruisers, destroyers, and frigates combined, with the size of a rather large cruiser and the maneuverability of a destroyer. Their weaponry is lighter, but extremely fast compared to Arks, and is still extremely lethal. It seems to bypass kinetic barrier shielding entirely, cutting straight through armor in seconds. These ships are also outfitted with heavy compliments of 'Praetorian' units, that are used to cut holes in the hull of enemy ships and allow the Collectors themselves to fly in through the breach. It appears they do not require oxygen or breather equipment to do so.



These relatively large interceptor units appear to be of different construction to the Collectors' own technology, but nevertheless use similar weaponry, but red in color. It comes in two variations, 'blaster' and 'beam'. The middle 'eyeball' piece has been noted to detach and propel through the hull of enemy ships and wreak havoc from within with its beam weapon. They are extremely fast, faster than any Milky Way interceptor, and have thick armor and kinetic barriers.

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