Hostile Forces Library: Collector Units

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Hostile Forces Library: Collector Units

Post by Lapis on Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:56 pm

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Success. Welcome, Constantinople Crew.

This document is classified.

The following information lists all known Collector units and ships circa 2186.



Collector Drone

Drones are the Collector's most common unit. Most, if not all Collectors appear superficially identical. More study is required. They are capable of flight with their orange wings, and carry a Collector SMG and two grenades.

Collector Assassin

Assassins seem to be normal drones, but with a propensity for extreme long range combat. They are capable of flight with their orange wings, and carry a Collector Particle-Beam Rifle. Some have been observed with mimetic skin, allowing them to 'cloak'.

Seeker Swarm

Seeker Swarms are large amounts of tiny, wasp-like creatures that Collectors use to immobilize civilians and enemies. They, presumably, are bred by the Collectors themselves or are a subspecies of them. They are weak on their own, but in large numbers or with other Collector units they can easily overwhelm even the most experienced units.


Collector Ark

Collector Arks are super-massive vessels, dwarfing even the largest of known dreadnoughts. Arks house millions, perhaps billions of Collectors, and pods to store their captives. The Arks are equipped with particle-beam weaponry capable of nullifying shields, chewing through armor, and burning crew alive. No Collector Ark has been successfully destroyed or disabled for more than a few moments.

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