Forum to-do list

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Forum to-do list

Post by Kravis on Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:33 pm

Things that need to be done in accordance with new server events
(which involves either deleting, editing, or storing IC events for later. Server is far from ready, but may as well start now)

Extranet page
Reaper War Archives
Marine Dossiers (Non-crew members)
Marine Entries
-Any topic that is outside of IC section that has IC elements such as topic "Server Lore" which is out of date-
2nd MSRC timeline on 2nd MSRC page
The Constantinople
ANN Posts
Time-jump lore
New factions and lore

Essentially anything pertaining to future timeline events or before the Reaper war need to be archived, edited or remove, I'd like for members to handle their own posts so they can save their shit, But please clean up the IC posts, it'll help a bunch.   Example being the 2nd MSRC timeline which goes into the reaper war from the alt timeline.

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