Constitution Day Parade and Presidential Speech

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Constitution Day Parade and Presidential Speech

Post by Mister Vasili on Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:10 pm

Today marked the day of the signing of the first amendments and in extension the first version of the Systems Alliance Constitution. For celebrations a military parade was held this year in Poland at the Krakow Rynek Square.

*The footage switches through several clips of marching Infantry, Vehicles and Fighter flybys as the segment continues*

At the end of the parade, a ceremony led by Captain V Kozlov was held commemorating those lost defending galactic freedom during the Skylian Blitz, the Raid on Torfan and the Battle of the Citadel. In addition a memorial to those Missing In Action was held honoring Sergeant Michael Becket, a marine who has been MIA for three years, the longest of any in the Alliance Marines.

Succeeding the solemn ceremony was a message of hope and a bright future for the Alliance as President Kyle stepped up to speak using the first universal translating microphone as a symbol of how far humanity has come together.

*The Camera switches to the President as he stands at a podium overlooking the square. Multiple clips from the full speech are shown condensing it down.*

Our men and women have made sacrifices and their sacrifices are seen paid in full. Humanity as a whole has become more widely accepted into the galactic stage as we continue to expand our colonies and begin new homes on new planets. Our economic power has only risen since the establishment of recent colonies and every colony lives prosperously and protected. We now live in a Golden Age that we can make last for decades. Mankind as always has adapted once again and more than survive we thrive as a grand civilization to become the envy of many others. The sun has only just begun to rise on the Systems Alliance.

*The camera switches to ANN studio footage of a news anchor*

A great future ahead indeed, now to you, Jakob.
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