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Post by Kravis on Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:05 am

OOC Introduction

Welcome to EUPRP's Mass Effect RP. Our community is experienced with generally running clockwork servers as well as other RP servers. Each server we set out to make isn't done just to have a server; we strive for quality and no matter what we run, we always branch out, expanding our servers lore, factions, systems and so forth. And with Mass Effect being the longest RP we've ever ran, you can rest assured that you're in good hands here. The staff team has a good knowledge of the lore from the games and the series of novels, both of which are used to optimize the rich lore and the easy understanding of the lore. Characters that are apart of the crew are filled with rich story-lines and fluid personalities, and that the story that follows the crew and those characters is expansive.

IC Introduction

Years after the brutal Reaper War, and the devastating Leviathan and Innusanon conflicts, the galactic community has rebuilt, but tensions still run high across the galaxy, perhaps now more than ever. With such tensions running extreme, war was almost guaranteed to rear its ugly head once more, and it did. Almost the entire galaxy has plunged into a conflict so massive it nearly puts the previous wars to shame. You find yourself at an Alliance training facility, preparing to go through basic training. Whether you volunteered to fight or have been drafted, the Alliance needs you.


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