Yekem Dominion: WANTED!

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Yekem Dominion: WANTED!

Post by Kravis on Thu May 04, 2017 1:23 pm

*Several of these types of posters can be found pinned to bounty boards spread across most large cities, most notably where Yekem travelers past through, such as Astrica's ports.*

A additional note at the bottom of the wanted poster reads the following words."

"By order of the Archmage of the Dominion, Viden Argon is wanted on charges of murdering a fellow mage and abandoning the service of the Yekem Knight Order. He is extremely dangerous and a hefty reward will be awarded to those who kill and bring back his spirit essence. Current physical description unavailable. Last known sketch is considered too old to identify the criminal. Return essence to the city of Leria inside the Dominion to Sage Keru Kalcero."

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