The Usurper

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The Usurper

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Aznákh, Deity of the End Times, or simply Armageddon, was the second and last mortal being chosen as a deity. In his mortal life, Aznákh was known as Faelar, the supreme emperor of the Alemer elves in 105 BC. He ruled for one hundred years, and expanded the Alemar Empire to its furthest extend, he was considered the greatest military commander Bodhan Torr had ever seen. It was on his death that Bhyrindaar, following in the steps of Saelus, offered Faelar the position of the Gatekeeper, a unique Deity who decided the fate of those entering the Afterlife, and those who would be casted away.

Faelar would accept this position, under the false pretense that he would be able to grant elves into the afterlife. However, Faelar was mistaken.

Faelar was the last being that an Elf would see upon his death. Elves, approaching the gates to the Afterlife, had to be turned around by Faelar himself. The elves would beg for him to allow them in, many recognizing him as their emperor. Their joyous smiles and celebrations at recognizing him would quickly fade when Faelar would turn them away to be casted into the Cleansing Fires.

For Elves, upon their death they would not be granted the afterlife, but instead they would start a new life. However, to achieve this, they are forced into a process known as the Cleansing Fires, a pit of despair and fire that each elf would have to go through before starting their new life. In the Cleansing Fires, Elves would become completely isolated. The extreme temperatures would feel as if they were always on fire, their bodies would go through an indescribable amount of pain as the fires 'cleansed them' by forcefully ripping memories out of their head, erasing the very essence of who they were. Everything the elf ever fought for, everything they believed in, everything they strided for, ripped away from them. The older the elf, the longer and more torturous the process.

Knowing this, Faelar would be driven into insanity. Sending his citizens, his fellow elves, his friends, and eventually, his own family into the Cleansing Fires made Faelar incredibly bitter and hateful, until he could no longer contain himself.

Faelar abandoned his position as Gatekeeper, he created his own realm with the power he had and declared himself as the Deity of the End Times, Armageddon. He was no longer known as Faelar, Emperor of the Alemar, but now as Aznákh, the King of Darkness. Aznákh even has the ability to step into the mortal world.

Aznákh had officially declared all of this in the year 0 AC. He pledged to destroy Bodhan Torr, to kill all the deities and to kill the Gods themselves for what they made him do. Aznákh, being chosen as a mortal, has the ability to permanently kill other deities, and some speculate that Aznákh himself may be able to challenge the gods with the power he wields.

The deities of Malice often serve Aznákh's will, fearful of losing their lives. However, the Deities of Equity and Beleovence stay vigiliant against him and his actions.

Aznákh was declared God of the Orcs by Kalakuga the Invincible, one of the earliest Orc commanders in 1 AC.

To this day, Aznákh's goals are to destroy all of man and elfkind indiscriminately. He has a deep hatred of all forms of life, and desires nothing more then its destruction.

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