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One of the many entrance walkways above the Divide, leading into Artanor, just inside the main walls. The massive, spread-top towers are construction trusses for the ever-growing internal defenses of the Empire.

Artanor is the ancient birthplace, capital city, and hub of the Fidemin people. The city is encased in a massive wall just outside of a huge, natural canal containing an oasis, called the Divide by the Fidemin people. It is thought to be a gift from the Gods, as the oasis has never suffered disease or disaster. The massive walls themselves are patrolled by clairvoyant archers, and should the need arise, Archmagi from the Royal Contingent. Large portions of the wall can slide out of place to allow archers to fire out quickly, or load cannons into place for larger enemies. Outside of the wall, near the gates, only those with heavy armor and weaponry are allowed on gate patrol. Those entering the capital city are often intimidated by the Sentinels, as the home guard are called. They are stoic professional, and skilled, and often some of the oldest warriors in the Empire. New Sentinels, along with the standard armies of the Empire, are trained just across the Divide, even using captured creatures and enemies as live fire tests for the troops.

Anyone living in Artanor lives in luxury, with quiet, quaint homes taking up the inner and mid rungs of the city, and large, metal and brick towers taking up the outer rung, along with the military's infrastructure. The elven homes are often made of intricate, carefully carved wood and bricks. Though there are many homes, different neighborhoods may outwardly appear as small villages on their own to outsiders.

One of the many neighborhoods within Artanor.

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