Deities of Bodhan Torr

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Deities of Bodhan Torr

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After all eight Gods were chosen, the Deities were put into power. Each God, with the exception of Saelus and Bhyrindaar who rule Bodhan Torr, each rule their own world. They have collective goals, they do not fight with each other nor do they feel most emotions that they once did as humans. They are truly god figures.

However, this is where the Deities step in. The Deities of Bodhan Torr are direct overseers of the planet. Represented by different ideas and theories, they each have their own mindset, goals, and emotions. They are capable of feeling these emotions just as they did when they were mortal.

The deities were created by the Gods themselves, molded to do their role to the best of their abilities. The deities are unable to kill each other, and a mortal cannot slay a deity for the deity would just return to another realm before that would happen. The exception to these rules are Yvilos and Aznákh.

A deity can choose to have his own realm of existence. Here, he is free to do whatever he pleases, nothing restricts him. While the Deitiy can bring loyal followers into his realm, the deity himself cannot leave the realm.

Alternatively, deities can decline a realm if they wish to stay connected to the physical world. These deities are able to step directly into the physical world and interact with beings. This is typically thought to be a selfish act by deities who do give up their direct connection with the physical world.

Whatever they may choose, all deities can speak directly to mortal beings. It is their job to protect Bodhan Torr, however, the Gods will not intervene if they fail.

The Deities are broken up into four categories.

The Deities of Benevolence are considered to be the purest of all deities. They truly serve their purpose, they want nothing more than the prosperity and protection of the planet and people they so love. (Slowest route for a Cleric, however, eventually the most powerful and purist, overcoming nearly any obstacle)

The Deities of Equity can be considered neutral deities. They typically do the right thing, and overall want Bodhan Torr to survive and to thrive. They typically see differently from the Deities of Benevolence, who almost all believe in a non-violent and non-interventionist role. The Deities of Equity are a mixed bag, some believing that the best way to results is to directly face the threat and eliminate it by any means necessary. (Medium route for a Cleric, this is the most balanced route as well)

The Deities of Malice can be considered evil deities. These deities are full of pride, hate, lust, and greed. While they may not want the outright destruction of groups of people or Bodhan Torr, they certainly want to gain whatever pleases them. They heavily believe in taking what you please, and as deities who are much more powerful than mortal beings, they are well known for enslaving mortals to have them forever binded to their servitude. Most of these deities did not give up their ability to step into the mortal realm. (The fastest route for a Cleric to become strong, however it is a corrupting route and tops off quickly)

There is a fourth category with a single deity within it. Known as an Usurper, only Aznákh resides within this group. The Deity of End Times, or the Deity of Armageddon, is known to want the outright destruction of Bodhan Torr and its other planets. It is thought that Aznákh holds the uniquely disturbing ability to outright kill deities, permanently. He was not originally the Deity of the End Times, as this is a title he gave himself, however there will be much more information found elsewhere.

Deities of Benevolence

Deity of Peace - Omdis
Deity of Bardship and Love - Iradol
Deity of Purity and Chastity - Iulian
Deity of Swiftness and Precision - Oysus
Deity of Happiness and Confidence - Pereniles
Deity of Agriculture and Harvest - Xanir
Deity of Honesty and Tolerance - Aemis

Deities of Equity

Deity of Nature and Animal Life - Fontar
Deity of The Arcane - Yorr
Deity of Might and Power - Yvilos
Deity of Disaster and Miracles - Olo
Deity of Thunder and Storms - Erdos
Deity of the Hunt and Games - Rhaac’Vaar
Deity of Prosperity and Poverty - Qedtyx

Deities of Malice

Deity of War and Destruction - Marenos
Deity of Domination and Enslavement - Malnite Nalbog
Deity of Greed and Lust - Llyium
Deity of Sickness and Disease - Vozagi 
Deity of Depression and Self Hate - Cothar
Deity of Revenge - Galnoom
Deity of Madness and Insanity - Sanghel


Deity of the End Times - Aznákh

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