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The great volcano at the center of Shigoth

Shigoth, a land once lush and prosperous, now lays corrupted and hopeless, shrouded in darkness as the very air itself seems poisonous. It's once rich soul now remains hard and dry, rolling green hills contoured into dark, jagged rock. Said to be corrupted by the deities of Malice themselves, the land resembles nothing of its former self. The ecosystem is utterly destroyed, no natural animals roam the planes of Shigoth. Everything resembles the ugly and brutal lifestyle of the Orcs that inhabit the lands.

Land once owned by the Creatsessi, one of the three Resilient Empires of Astrica, the land was conquered by a massive force of orcs. It's not exactly clear how the Creatsessi failed to defend their lands, after they had already done it once. Shigoth now serves as the capital of Orcs, a place where evil can thrive. Within it are Orcs, enslaved men and Elves, and the lost souls who are forever bounded to Shigoth in servitude. Some speculate that Shigoth is so twisted that it is a mortal plane to a deity, however this has never been seen before. 

Typical terrain in Shigoth

The old capital of the Creatisessi now serves as a twisted and corrupted seat of power for Shigoth, yet it is unknown who the seat goes too. The old capital has been renamed to Nughál. Shigoth serves as a staging point, training grounds, and currently the first territory claimed by the orcs officially, in which it was claimed in fire. It is said that Nughál serves as a huge military fortress for the Orcs, being one of the largest on the continent thanks to the construction efforts of the Creatisessi. Orcs are effectively drilled from tribal warriors into devastating soldiers. Few nations have attempted incursions against Shigoth itself, but those who have noted incredible difficulty due to the style of orcs. 

The Black Citadel of Nughál

Shigoth is riddled in large Orc camps, where dhargs, borugs, and ulams all train. It is said that over two million orcs train and live within Shigoth itself. Passing through Shigoth is considered impossible, now forcing anyone who wishes to travel to the north or south to do so via ship.

A typical Orc war camp in Shigoth

Shigoth, while having an unidentified leader, seems to be split up in six regions. Each region is commanded by a powerful Dharg, however it is unknown who these Dharg Commanders report to. These commanders reign over their regions with an iron fist, they install their own chiefs to assign captains, running day to day operations on the ground while the commanders plan large scale operations.

Orc legions marching in Shigoth, under supervision of a powerful Dharg commander.

Within Shigoth, demonic creatures roam freely, monsters live in harmony, and Orcs live surrounded by their fellow kin. Shigoth is the land of the Orcs, taken by force, and forcefully converted into a fitting place for the Orcs to call their unnatural home upon the continent.

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